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Only Pay For Results!

Build Your Dental Practice. Track Your Success With Patients4you.

Patients4you builds and manages a number of local and national websites that generate new dental patients. Each practice can track the number of leads and patients generated for their office. The best part is you don’t pay until after new patients sit in your chair!*

Wanted: Dentists With Weekend Hours
Patients4you has had great success with marketing dentists who are available to work on Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday.  These leads normally have a fast turn-around; and they could potentially lead to a lifetime patient at no additional charge.

”I already have a web site, why do I need Patients4you?”
We will not replace or change anything related to your current web site. We develop and manage online marketing campaigns that are completely independent and just expand your online presence.

Access to all patient contacts are just a click away with our online Lead Management System 24 hours a day. The Lead Management System allows you to easily track your return on investment.

Learn more about how Patients4you tracks its dental marketing success.

For a limited time, save $50 OFF the $99 set up fee! That means you pay only $49 to activate your account and you are never charged again until after patients sit in your chair!*
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Learn more about how Patients4you tracks its dental marketing success.

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Our Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. We know that means patients sitting in your chair. That is why you will only be charged after a patient shows up for their appointment!*

Cancel the agreement at ANY time for ANY reason, without any cancellation fees!


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