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Tracking Dental Marketing Success

Dental Patient Lead SourcesOur data shows that less than 10% of the leads generated for our participating dentists are from online contact forms.

That means over 90% of the leads we generate are phone calls.

Relying on your staff members to ask "how did you find us" and getting an accurate reply from the patient has proven to be an unreliable way to track where phone calls are coming from.


Patients4you tracks all calls and leads generated by its service!

How does Patients4you track patient leads?

  1. We place a unique, local phone number in our advertisements.
  2. The patient calls the local phone number, which is automatically forwarded to your office.
  3. The phone call is recorded and emailed to your office.
  4. Every month you will receive a patient report detailing each patient name and their schedule date. If any of the patients did not show for their appointment, simply let us know by fax or email and you will not be charged for that patient!

What are the benefits of tracking?

  • You will know exactly how effective our service is
  • You can use recordings as a training tool for your front desk staff
  • You only pay for patients that show for their appointment*

Unless you are using call recording software or standing next to your receptionist when the phone is answered, you do not know how efficiently your calls are being managed. Call recordings allow you to effectively evaluate an employee’s performance, train staff, and maintain an accurate record of customer interaction.

Trainers can play back calls that exemplify superior customer service as a model for best practice. Calls that do not illustrate excellent customer service can also be replayed as a means of constructive criticism, which can be just as valuable.


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